The whole richness of history, nature, and ecology has been gathered in this corner of paradise. Right next to Bodrum, but in Bargilya, Bodrum where is distant from unfavorable environmental effects. Since the sea gets inside like a lake, it is as if a secret shelter. It is a pretty town for tourism in which the variety of fresh fish can be tasted in restaurants swathed with sincere and warm atmosphere.

It is possible to see the marks, columns, reliefs of thousands of years old temple, and the stairs of ancient theater. Especially, it is a unique excitement to watch around from the hill on which there are temple remains.

It is as if you are trapped in a time warp.While the ancient culture of harvesting olive has been the same, there is also Tuzla lake here. Most bird watchers visit this place in certain seasons from all over the world to watch many bird species from Kentish plover to Flamingos.